Prostate Cancer

Cancer.  Such a simple word; but with such ominous overtones.  One day all is well in my little world, then the bi-annual physical, a high PSA reading in the blood work, a trip to a Urologist, a 1 in 8 chance of cancer, a biopsy, and then the results; prostate cancer.  It is still in the early stages and is very treatable.  But still, it is cancer.  Both of my parents died with cancer, as have many others in my circle; and now its my turn to do battle.  I must admit that the first couple of hours were a bit difficult.  But now, two days later, the shock has pretty much worn off and it becomes just something else to plan for and deal with.  Doing a lot of reading and digesting material about prostate cancer now.  Next week it’s back to the doctor to discuss treatment options and then following through with whichever one we decide on.

The journey ahead is full of unknowns.  I am so thankful to have a wife, a God and friends who will be walking with me through it.

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