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It’s been an interesting few weeks trying to find out as much as I can about prostate cancer and how to treat it.  I’ve read books and looked on the web.  Also spent over an hour talking with my doctor about it.  I have found that there are three basic options for treatment with sub-options for two of them.  One treatment option is to do nothing and hope the cancer does not kill you before you die naturally; not a bad option for someone either much older or much poorer shape than I am in.

There are several forms of radiation that are used to treat the cancer.  This option is much easier than surgery but can take a long time and has no guarantee of actually eliminating the cancer.  More generally it is thought of as a control mechanism.  The primary potential long term complication of this treatment is impotence.

Surgery also has several different options but they all include removal of the prostate along with a hospital stay and recovery period.  The biggest plus for the surgery is that the prostate is gone and, so long as the cancer has not spread, there is little chance of having a second bout.  The potential complications of surgery include impotence and incontinence.  If the cancer has spread beyond the prostate, determined by biopsy, then other treatment may be required, otherwise it should be the end of the cancer.

The biopsies I had earlier, plus my PSA reading, indicate that the cancer is in an early stage and should be contained within the prostate.  Based on that, my age, general health, and desire to ‘know’ where I stand when it’s all done, I have opted for surgery.  It seems to offer the best long term outlook for me.  Surgery has been scheduled for Feb 14th with several pre-op activities leading up to that date.  This will be my first over night stay at a hospital as a patient since I was born.  Should be interesting.

In the meantime Sue is reading up on dietary treatment for prostate cancer.  Looks like I am going to have to learn to like tofu 🙁

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2 thoughts on “It’s Surgery”

  1. I am glad that you are a candidate for the surgery and I pray that it all goes well!!! As for the tofu, I used to make tofu for us all the time in a stir fry and the kids love it. FYI, always set the tofu between paper towels for a bit to get most fo the liquid out of it first and then if you sear it or fry it on either side for a bit (obviously not too much oil or it becomes unhealthy) and then cut it up, it gets the consistency of chicken, the first tiem I ever served it to Will, I told him we were having chicken stir fry and he had no clue until after he ate it, he said it was good……and one of the only ways he eats it, lol.

  2. skipping over the main subject and getting to the tofu. if prepared correctly…awesome. all my hospital experiences are pleasant. they feed you and give you pain meds. also missing the point. i feel good about your choice of treatment. you must too or you would have chosen option one. i love you brother.


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