On Cars and Runners

I am a runner, and am soft and squishy.  And I share the road with cars and trucks, and they are hard, fast and scary.  And sometimes it’s quite an adventure.  I do want to thank those drivers who show mercy to poor defenseless runners and give up part of your lane to me.  It is much appreciated.  On the other hand, to the occasional driver who seem to think that ‘sharing the road’ is a contact sport; it’s not.  Fortunately there are not many of you where I run.

Just in case some of you drivers out there are wondering about some of strange things we runners do, I thought I’m let you in on some of the secrets.  A runners perspective on the road is quite a bit different than that of a driver.  If the road has much of a cant, it is nothing to a car, but is really tough on my hips running with one foot lower than the other for an extended period.  As a result you will find me running on the wrong side of the road if I think I can do it safely, just to balance things out a bit.  The road shoulders can also be a significant hazard for a runner.  Gravel, sticks & tree cones and other tripping hazards on the road surface as well as blackberries, mailboxes, trash cans, signs and other obstacles reaching out from the side of the road all make running out on the road itself much more appealing, assuming none of you guys are bearing down on me.  But I can assure you that I will get as far on to the shoulder as I can before you get to me.  Of course that is assuming that the road actually has a shoulder.  I try to avoid those kinds of roads, especially when they have a lot of traffic.  But sometimes there is little option if I am going to be making a long run.

I do have one small request for you drivers.  Please look to the right before pulling out to the right from a side road or driveway.  I can’t count how many times I would have been hit without having taken evasive measures.

Again, thanks to all of you drivers who are willing to share a little bit of your road with me.

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