Surgery Pre-Op

Surgery is now six days away and today was the day scheduled to get all of the pre-op stuff done.  Spent time with my surgeon as well as the admitting process at St. Joseph’s.  My surgeon gave me a rundown on all of the things that would be taking place on the day of surgery as well as the following couple of weeks.  The admitting nurse also walked me through the preparations I will need to make to get ready for the surgery.  Since this is my first time for anything like this I have found it to be very interesting.

I need to rest on Sunday and eat lightly, but nothing that will cause gas or bloating.  That probably eliminates the chili feed at the church that night.  And no food or drink after midnight.  The surgery is on Monday and the Dr. told me they would likely starting giving me fluids to drink on Tuesday with solid food on Wednesday.  Think maybe Monday will be a good day to schedule a time of fasting. 🙂

I have to check in at St. Joseph’s in Tacoma at 5:30 AM, which means I need to leave home around 4.  But prior to that I have to take a shower, shampooing my hair, followed by two complete wipe downs with a special wet wipe that will kill germs for 6 hours.  Apparently all of this is to cut down on the chances of a MRSA infection.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM and should last for for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  Because I am skinny they will only have to cut a 3 inch hole in my tummy, carve out the prostate and related stuff, re-route some plumbing, install a catheter and then sew me back up.  Should be a piece of cake; or so he says.  Will be in recover for an hour or so and then into a room for a couple of days with an expected release on Wednesday.

They want to have me up and walking sometime Monday after the surgery and I am encouraged to walk as much as I like.  But no running for at least 3 weeks, and then only a light jog.  It’ll be another week or two after that before I can really start running again.  I’m guessing that a marathon in March is probably out of the question.

Once I get home I will have three jobs.  The first is to not hurt, which I am all in favor of.  Take more drugs when the pain hits a 5 on the scale of 0 to 10.  The second task will be to avoid phenumonia.  This is done by sucking on a breathing thingy a few times an hour, at least until I am up and walking around a lot.  And finally I am supposed to avoid blood clots.  I can accomplish this by wiggling my feet around a lot, again, until I am up and walking.  Seems like a pretty rough routine but I suppose I will be able to manage it for a week or two.

As a side note, most of the medical folks I have seen in the past couple of months, and it has been a lot, say that I am about as healthy as anyone they get the opportunity to examine.  Blood pressure is running around 110/60 with a pulse rate in the upper 50’s to low 60’s, all the blood work right in the middle of the chart, never smoked, no alcohol consumption, answering no to all of the ‘have you ever had this…’ type questions.  And the shocker for most of them is when they find out I go on 20 mile runs.  The gal today’s mouth fell open.  That’s been the fun part of this routine.

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