Building a Shed

This was the year we finally decided to put up a shed big enough to hold all of the garden and lawn tools needed to care for half an acre as well as store the lawn furniture during the winter.  We had been making do with a couple of little sheds and leaving the furniture out all year, where it aged quickly.  The initial thought was to buy a kit and build it myself, but since I was still working at the time I offered the job to my son.  After looking at sheds for a while we decided, with his construction background, to build one from scratch instead, one that ended up being larger and nicer than initially planned.

From ground clearing to final caulking (painting has been delayed now until the spring) the task took about two months and a countless number of trips to Lowes and Home Depot.  During that time we watched the neighbors buy a kit shed and have it installed in about 5 hours.  It was very much a learning experience, especially for me, and there are a number of things we would do differently if there ever was a next time (not currently on the agenda), but it all worked out and produced a very nice and functional shed.  All the lawn furniture is stored away and the lawn and garden tools are out of the little sheds and the garage.

In particular I enjoyed the opportunity to work with my son during the part of the process where I helped, playing gofer and second pair of hands while putting up the walls and roof.  I believe it was the most time we had ever invested together in a single project and that alone made this effort a highlight for me.  We worked through some of the design and construction issues together and competed to see who could shed the most blood (I think I won hands down although some might think that smacking myself in the face with a hammer should be a disqualifying event).

All in all it’s been a good experience.  Thanks Mike.

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