2011 In Review, AKA the Christmas Letter

Well, as 2011 draws to a close it is time to do the annual, or bi-annual, Christmas letter; attempting to bore enthrall all of our friends and family with the hum drum exciting details of our past year.  I would dearly love to tell you enchanting tales of our mission trip to the Congo, the adoption of our new Ukrainian baby and our 3 week adventure in Australia and New Zealand, but alas I cannot.  Mostly because in reality our past year has been somewhat more modest.

Sue and I did make a week long cruise to Alaska with dear friends.  The trip was good and scenic and the food was good and abundant.  But the opportunity to visit with Randy and Tina was priceless.  It had been a long time and it was great to be able to spend the week with them.

We also faced Prostate Cancer early this year and elected to have a Radical Prostatectomy in mid February.  Ultimately everything went great, the cancer is gone and life is back to normal again.  It was an exciting adventure, but one I hope not to repeat any time soon.

Last year I began my journey along the Pacific Crest Trail with a 70 mile segment.  This past summer I got in the next 160 miles and am looking forward to about 300 miles next year.  Sue will be going along with the car to ensure that I survive the trip, meeting me periodically and making sure I stay fed and at least somewhat rested.  Plus we will get to see some of the off trail sights in the southern 2/3s of Oregon.

Full retirement has crept closer this year with a job change that has me working fewer hours and, best of all, from home.  Going ‘to the office’ in my PJ’s is quite a trip.  The company keeps dangling office jobs with more hours in front of me, but so far I have been able to see the barb on the hook and resisted the temptation.

Sue and I continue to enjoy working with our local churches, traveling around most Sundays to visit one or the other.  Sue is still the Administrative Assistant for the association and keeps all the rest of us in line.

Sue ran her first half marathon this past summer, nearly 3 years to the day after a major broken leg that had to be surgically repaired.  She dislikes running but finds this beneficial to her rehabilitation effort.  Hopefully she will learn to love it at least a little bit in the future.  She is already preparing for her second half marathon this next June.

The kids are doing well.  One is out of the Army, living nearby, and in school now and the other is still in the Air Force, far far away, and globe trotting.  Look forward to having them both home this Christmas.

Sue’s mom continues to live with us and is doing well.  She keeps a close eye out on all of the activity out the front window, putting puzzles together, crocheting, napping, etc.; her schedule is full.  She is still in good health and enjoys getting out as much as possible.

The Lord is good and we look forward to his hand in the coming year.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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