Snowmageddon 2012

The forecasts were predicting the worst snowstorm in the Puget Sound area since 1985; snowmageddon.  To read the newspapers and listen to the TV weather reports you would think that this would be a storm of epic proportions, a storm that would wreak havoc across the region.  A storm to tell the grand-kids about; assuming I ever have any.  And even during the 2 day storm the headlines talked about a state of emergency for Washington, 200,000 people without power in Seattle, airports and trains closed or not running, the roadways a mess.

But now that it’s over I find myself disappointed; 4 inches of snow followed by maybe 1/2 inch of frozen rain.  It was actually quite a let down.  I was anticipating having to shovel myself out of the house.  I was prepared to rake the snow off the deck cover again.  I thought maybe I would have to fire up the generator to keep the house warm.  I had expected to be able to put the snowshoes on and trek around the neighborhood.  But only 4 inches; sigh.

I heard reports of others getting 7 inches, 13 inches, 19 inches or even more.  But not me.  I didn’t even get enough to bother to shovel.  Living along Puget Sound with the Olympic Mountains to the west makes for some very unpredictable and random precipitation patterns.  Two miles away from me the snowfall was nearly twice what mine was.  And next time it might be reversed.  But somehow I feel like I was cheated.  I wanted to see 2-3 feet of snow outside today.  For this to have been the worst storm since 1985 it would have required more than  2 feet.  But no; just 4 inches.

View from the front porch.
Looking out into the back yard from the deck.

But even so, it was beautiful outside.  I love the look of new fallen snow on the yard and in the trees.  We get it so seldom here that I never grow weary of seeing it, at least until it starts to rain on it.  I enjoyed getting out and walking up to the neighborhood grocery store.  I enjoyed the guilt free opportunity to snuggle up in the lazy-boy and read a book.  So I will just be content with the measly 4 inches and go back to praying for more snow in the next month or so.  Although somehow I suspect that my prayers will be drowned out by those who have had more than enough snow and ice the past couple of days.

And now come the heavy rains and floods!

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