Who Does God Love?

Warning: rant to follow!

Apparently God hates:

  • Fags
  • America
  • Catholics
  • Most Protestants
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Muslims
  • Jews
  • Hindus
  • President Obama
  • The media
  • The world
At least this is what the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) would have us believe.  It appears to me that WBC believes that just about everyone not associated with them is hated by God.  I can see some appeal to this kind of thought since it puts one in a superior position to nearly everyone else.  And, after all, who wouldn’t want to be in God’s inner circle.
But somehow I just have a hard time reconciling “For God so loved the world” with God hates everyone but me.  It may be that I’m missing something here, but I think it more likely that the WBC folks have something out of whack.  I just really, really, really have a hard time seeing Jesus picketing the funeral of two little boys because the US does not criminalize homosexuality.  But it may be that they worship a different Jesus than the one I do and that I find in the pages of the New Testament.
Now don’t get me wrong here; I do believe that the culture I am surrounded by, that I read about in the papers and see on TV is not one that seeks to honor God, and much that goes on in the U.S. is immoral.  More and more people in our world are abandoning faith in God for something else.
But if God hates someone, it would seem to me that they are doomed and without hope.  And yet, is not the good news of the gospel that all who would “confess Jesus as Lord and believe in his resurrection would be saved”?  As long as a person has breath, there is hope for them.  And if that is true, then how could one say that God hates them?
It might be correct, and in my opinion is, to say that God hates sin and that much of what goes on today is destructive and harmful to a relationship with God.  And that one who is walking in faith would make every effort to purify themselves from that sin.  But please don’t pretend to speak for God and pronounce his hatred against those who are not like you.
In my opinion, and at the risk of being judgmental myself, WBC is nothing but a small group of people, mostly one extended family, that are hate filled and use Christianity simply as an excuse to spew their hatred for the rest of the world.  I can see no evidence that they themselves have experienced or know the love of God.  And yet, God would save even them, if they would repent and turn to him.
End of rant!
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