A Sample Gear List

This is part 7 of a multi-part series on backpacking equipment

  1. Portable Backcountry Shelters
  2. Staying Warm At Night In the Woods
  3. Fueling the Furnace
  4. Dressing Appropriately
  5. All the Other Stuff We Like To Pack
  6. And, Finally, What To Put It All In
  7. A Sample Gear List

The first six articles in this series have looked at the wide range of backpacking gear that is available and discussed the pros and cons of much of it.  To close out this series I want to detail out a gear list. This is what I am currently planning on using for multiday trips in the Olympics as well as this year’s PCT section hike through Oregon, but is subject to some change yet.  It is a moderately lightweight gear list.  Of course if the weather is expected to be very cold or wet some additional clothes will be added.  All weights are in pounds and ounces. What I Am Wearing

Pants0, 12ExOfficio with zip off legs and built-in mesh briefs
Shirt0, 6 3/4Seattle Marathon long sleeve performance tee
Shoes1, 7 3/8Brooks Pure Grit trail runners (size 14)
Socks0, 1 1/4Cool Mesh II
Gaiters0, 1 3/8Dirty Girl
Hat0, 3 1/8Columbia wide brim floppy hat
Watch0, 2 1/8Casio Pathfinder
Trekking Poles1, 5 5/8Black Diamond
Total4, 7 5/8


Belly Bag

Belly Bag0, 4with ID and keys
Maps0, 3/4For 1 Green Trails topo in a zip lock bag.  This weight will actually go up for the PCT and the maps will move into a side pocket on the pack.
Compass0, 5/8
Reading Glasses0, 1 1/2Small reading glasses in metal case
Nail Clippers0, 3/4
Multi-tool0, 2 3/8
Whistle0, 1/8Fox40 Micro
Notebook & Pen0, 4Used for note taking along the way.  Otherwise I’ll forget something I want to relate to the wife when I get home.
Chap Stick0, 1/4SPF 15
Anti-bacterial hand cleaner0, 1Travel size
Total0, 15 3/8


Sleeping, Shelter & Pack

Pack2, 4 3/4ULA Circuit without internal pockets
Dry Bag0, 4OR Medium
Hammock2, 11 3/8Warbonnet BlackBird 1.1 dbl with 14′ straps and woopie slings
Tarp1, 4MacCat Deluxe SpinnUL with ridge line, tie outs and stakes
Top Quilt1, 6 1/2JRB No Sniveller
Bottom Quilt1, 5 5/8JRB Mt Washington 3
Pillow0, 4 7/8REI self inflating
Total9, 9 1/8



Coat0, 12 3/8Westcomb Specter LT Hoody
Long Sleeve Shirt0, 9Heavy running shirt
Short Sleeve Shirt0, 4Performance tee
Silk Pants0, 3 3/8REI
Possum Down Socks0, 2 3/4Very warm sleeping socks
Skull Cap0, 1 3/4Smart Wool beanie
Gloves0, 3 3/8Running gloves with mitten covers
Socks0, 2 1/22 pair Cool Mesh II
Total2, 7 1/8



Toothbrush and Toothpaste0, 1 3/8Toob – contains a small refillable tube of toothpast in the handle.
TP0, 3/4Pulled from a big roll and put in a small zip lock bag
Wet Wipes0, 2Travel Pack
Cortaid0, 1Travel size anti-itch cream
Insect Repellent0, 3Ultrathon – 34.34% deet
Sun Screen0, 4Banana Boat SPF 30
Total0, 12 1/8


Food and Water

Water Filter & Bag0, 3 1/2Sawyer Squeeze filter with 2 qt bag
Chlorine Dioxide0, 1/810 pills in foil
UrSack and OP Sack0, 9
Spoon0, 1/8Cheap plastic spoon
Gatorade Bottles0, 3 1/22-32 oz bottles.
Total1, 1/4



Phone0, 5 1/2Droid Bionic.  Biggest reason to take is to mate with SPOT.
Camera0, 9Sony CyperShot with a generic case
SPOT0, 4 7/8Communicator mates with the phone.  Not really necessary but goes along for my wife’s benefit.
Headlamp0, 2 3/4Mammut
Spare Batteries0, 3For the phone and SPOT
iPod & earbuds0, 1 1/8iPod Nano
Total1, 10 1/4


Other Stuff

Stuff Sacks0, 1 3/43 small bags
Sun Glasses0, 1Chear sun glasses in a lightweight bag
Headnet0, 7/8Sea to Summit Insect Shield
Bandanna0, 118″ square cotton
Towel0, 1 3/4MSRUltralite Packtowl
First Aid Kit0, 5 3/8Tape, cream & bandages in a Medical Kit .5 bag
Tyvek0, 1 1/82 foot square chunk of tyvek
Total0, 12 7/8



Worn4, 7 5/8
Belly Bag0, 15 3/8
Sleeping, Shelter & Pack9, 9 1/8
Clothes2, 7 1/8
Toiletries0, 12 1/8
Food & water1, 1/4
Electronics1, 10 1/4
Other0, 12 7/8
Total Carried in Pack16, 3 3/4
Grand Total (Carried & Worn)21, 10 3/4

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