Up the Dose

It’s already the first of June and it had been nearly 9 months since I spent a night in the woods.  But that failing was overcome this weekend.  I was invited out by a couple of young men I had not seen in several years and I jumped at the chance to hang out in the woods and get better acquainted.

I headed out Friday morning early, forgoing the normal long run, and hit the washout/new trailhead on the Dosewallips at about 9:30.  The other guys were coming along later so I set off up the trail/old road.  There was only one other vehicle at the washout, and I met him coming out fairly early; I enjoy being the only person out on the trail.

The weather was really great for hiking, dry, cool and somewhat overcast.  The spring flowers were blooming very nicely along the road and I wasted lots of time taking pictures.  Once I got onto the trail proper there were not nearly as many flowers blooming, but I did find a few.

It was also interesting to see how much the forest is recovering from the recent fire.  There are still a few burnt snags visible, but if you are not looking for them you might easily miss that it had been recently burned.  It is greening up very well through there.

I setup the hammock at Dose Forks and then headed up toward Deception Creek, looking for some snow to play in.  But, alas, I grew weary of the search before snow was found.  I got up to Hawk Creek and turned around; heading back to Dose Forks.  The trail was in great shape as far up as I went.

Shortly after I got back to camp the other guys showed up and we spent a pleasant evening around the campfire.  I am not really a campfire kind of person, but I have to admit that I did enjoy the experience of sitting around the fire and ‘bonding’ with the guys.

The Dose was up as high as I had ever seen it; and its roar made for good sleeping.  Not another sound could be heard through the night.  Peacefully slept the night away snuggled up in my down cocoon.

Got up around 7 this morning and spent the next 4 hours eating, visiting and breaking down camp.  The other guys were spending a couple of additional days in camp so I headed out alone and got back to the truck just as it started to rain.

All it all it was a very good trip, visiting with Jesse and Carl,  shaking the rust off, getting familiar with some new gear, and working on going stove-less.  I am going to need to get back out and do this again real soon!

Lots of Columbine 
Why did the Banana Slug cross the road?
Plenty of Paint Brush
Lots of Sedum as well
He posed so nicely for me.
A small field of white flowers
The waterfall just below the Ranger Station
Dosewallips Ranger Station
Calypso Falls on the Upper Twin creek
There were quite a few Fairy Slippers above Dose Forks
Mushrooms pushing their way up
Guess who was the most comfortable?
Looking up the Dose from the Dose Fork bridge
There were still quite a few Rhododendrons in bloom.
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