The Olympic Game Farm

This past weekend my wife and I, along with the daughter and her boy friend, made a trip out to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  This is a trip that we used to make quite frequently when the kids were younger, but it has been a dozen years or so since the last visit.  Hopefully it won’t be so long before making it out there again.

The Olympic Game Farm is an 84 acre ‘farm’ on the north side of the town of Sequim Washington.  The facility grew out of work with Disney, collaborating with many of their nature films, although it is not currently involved with any filming efforts.  The farm has been open to the public for the past 40 years, offering mostly driving tours through, and past, various enclosures.

The driving tour is self paced and allows you to drive through the farm, stopping to watch and feed many of the animals.  The tour includes a small prairie dog town, lots of peacocks, yaks, zebras, llamas, elk, bison, fallow deer, lions, tigers, bears and wolves.  Apart from the big cats and the wolves, you are able to feed most of the animals, although only wheat bread.  The white bread that we brought with us was not allowed.

The prairie dog town was enclosed, and the zebras and big carnivores were caged.  But the rest of the animals freely moved around through their sections of the park and were free to get closer to you than you might like.  It is quite exciting to have a yak stick his head into your window and slobber on you as he begs for bread.

The trip through the park was quite entertaining, both watching and interacting with the ‘residents’, and watching the kids in the back seat; they were both quite taken by the up close and personal experience with some pretty amazing creatures.  This is a highly recommended, and somewhat unique, experience.  If you have never been I would encourage you to get it onto your schedule sometime in the future.

This yak had his pitiful ‘feed me I’m starving’ face down pat.

Better give the llama the bread before he spits on you.

“Aren’t I just the cutest thing?”

Wonder if I sat on the side of the road with my mouth open, if anyone would throw food into it?

Showing off for the ladies.  While I was impressed with the show, she appeared not to be and wandered off.

Any TV networks auditioning for a spokes bird?

Notice the wolves in the cages?  I think the rabbits were taunting them.

Every single cat we saw was in the same position.  They got the playing dead thing down pat.

Toll collector.

“Just think what these antlers will do to your paint job if you even think about not feeding me.”

“Wanna smooch?”

“Are you looking at me?”

A little action going on with the bison in the back seat.

Too stuffed to eat another bite.

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