Traveling the PCT

This map will not be functional until SPOT starts sending data, likely by 8:00 AM PDT on 8/2/2012.  The data in this map will start disappearing after 7 days.

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height: 400,
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mapType: “physical”

Well it’s finally here.  We leave soon to travel down into Oregon and on the 2nd will begin hiking south down the Pacific Crest Trail from McKenzie Pass and plan on reaching Seiad Valley in California by Aug 20th.  From there we will head north in the car, pick up a friend, and relaunch at Rainy Pass in Washington and hike south to Stevens Pass.  If all goes well we should make it back home by the end of August after about 440 miles on the trail.  I plan on having SPOT in tracking mode along the way, and if all works according to plan, you will be able to follow my journey on the map above (or at least the most recent 7 days of it).  Pictures and description will be posted periodically.

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