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I have just recently finished Stephen Kings 7 volume “The Dark Tower” series.  The story concerns a gunslinger, along with some companions, who are journeying to the Dark Tower, a tower that appears to be the central hub that the universe, containing multiple parallel worlds (including ours), hangs on.  These worlds are not doing so well and the gunslingers journey is one that will hopefully fix at least some of what is wrong.

During the course of the story they occasionally move from one world to another and in one of them, ours, encounter a young author, Stephen King, who is writing the Dark Tower series.  It appears that what he writes about in this story, as well as some other ones, is what is actually happening to the gunslinger and his companions.  I would not be surprised if this plot twist has been used by anyone else, but it was a first for me.

In this story, Stephen King is actually being used by a higher power to tell this story, although he could choose not to tell it.  But should he choose not to write, or finish, the story, the future of the universe would be dramatically different, devolving into chaos.  It was interesting to see how the characters gradually came to recognize that they were dependent for their existence on the author of their story.  It is actually a bit hard to grasp how it all worked, but it got me to thinking about another author and his story.

The author of creation has spoken into existence the universe we inhabit, including me, you and all that we see around us.  But unlike Stephen King, this author is fully aware of, and quite intentional in, the story being written.  And this author wrote clues into the story that would allow the stories characters to come to know the author.

As much as I enjoy reading Stephen Kings stories, I am grateful that God is the author behind my story rather than King.  And I am thankful that he has made himself know to me.  How cool is it to know the author of the greatest story ever written.

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