Why Do Politicians Lie?

Is there anyone who really believes everything their favorite candidate for national office says during their election campaign?  Granted, there are some politicians who are honest and tell it like it is.  But they seem to be the exception rather than the rule, unfortunately.  But why do they do it?  And why do we let them get away with it?

Could it be that we want them to lie?  After a great amount of thought (nearly an hour), extensive research (read another blog), and consultation (talked with my wife), I have come to the conclusion that most of us want to believe that our nations problems are solvable and at little or no cost to ourselves.  But is that a realistic outlook?  I don’t think so!  While we may eventually be able to solve some of our nations more pressing problems, the solutions will come at a cost to us personally.  It may be in the form of higher taxes, reduced entitlements, eliminated sacred cows, higher retirement age, more expensive gas, etc.  But we have to realize that the solutions will not be easy.

But what candidate running for national office has a chance at election by taking a stand for higher taxes, an increase in the Social Security retirement age and elimination of your favorite pork barrel?  That’s right, they would lose in a landslide.  And why?  Because we don’t want to hear the truth.  We want to hear that our candidate will be able to single handedly solve all of the nations problems while at the same time lowering my taxes, reducing my retirement age, raising my salary and expanding my favorite pork barrel.  In other words, I am going to vote for the most convincing liar who reflects my ideal view of the US, while at the same time decrying the other candidates for lying to the American public.

And until we face up to the challenges that face us as a nation, resolve to do whatever it takes to solve them, and quit rewarding those who promise easy solutions, I believe we are going to continue to encourage and reward those who are best able to sugarcoat the problems and most effective transfer the blame to their opponent.  I honestly do not know how to resolve this issue, but I am convinced that encouraging our politicians to lie to us is not the way forward.

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