2012 – The Year in Review

Well another year is nearly in the books.  Time really does seem to go by faster the older I get.  Its hard to believe that 12 months have passed since the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.  But, unless my calendar is lying to me, it has indeed.  This past year has been generally quite, although it has had its moments.

My near retirement has been somewhat reversed with a move into a part time management position for the contractor I have been working for; and more recently moving into an even more active role, although still limited to 10-12 hours a week.

Sue continues to work for the Olympic Baptist Association as their Ministry Assistant Professional and enjoys the opportunity to be out of the house and working with the folks of the OBA.  And together we continue to travel around to all of the churches in the association.  That continues to be a rewarding ministry opportunity for us.

Sue and I spent the month of August traveling through Oregon and parts of Washington; she in a car and me on foot.  This was my third summer traveling along the Pacific Crest Trail and I have now hiked the full length of Oregon, 150 miles of Washington and 20 miles of California; about 400 miles of that this year.  During the Oregon portion of the trail this year Sue traveled along in the car and we met up every few days to resupply and enjoy some parts of the trail together.  And while I hiked, she explored all of the interesting nooks and crannies along the way that she could find.  Looking forward to a repeat next year with about 400+ miles in California and another 100+ miles in Washington.

Sue has been busy traveling this past year.  In addition to our PCT trip, she and her mom took a week long cruise through the Caribbean in February, joining her brother and his wife for the trip.  She also managed to get out with ‘the girls’ on a trip to Branson MO in September for a few days.

Sue and I are both running now.  I ran half marathons in May, June and November and Sue joined me for the one in June.  Running is still not Sue’s favorite past time, but she has taken it up as therapy to help in the recovery from her broken leg a few years ago.  It is a good form of exercise and does really help during the hiking season, whether multi-day trips for me or long day hikes for Sue.

We have enjoyed gathering with friends on a regular basis for Bible study and fellowship.  We are both finding that it is filling a void that has developed in our spiritual lives.  We are currently working with others in our church to facilitate getting more of our folks involved in similar groups.

Sue’s mom, Mary, continues to live with us.  It is indeed a blessing having her with us and being able to care for her as she ages.  She has given us a couple of scares this year, but by and large continues to do well.

Mike is living in the area now and has been attending the local community college and is looking at getting into the nursing field.  He is also preparing to be a world famous musician and touring the country with his band.

Rachael is still in the Air Force in South Carolina and has been able to do some traveling during her time there.  She is looking to be out this next year and head back to school, although likely over on the other coast.

May your Christmas be a wonderful celebration of Christ, and the coming year be blessed.

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