To Do or To Be

In the Christian walk, how much emphasis do we place on doing the right things?  How often are we told to read your Bible, pray, attend worship services, tithe, evangelize, serve, etc.?  Or told not to lie, steal, slander, be immoral, smoke, gamble, etc.?  I would guess that most of us, myself included, have an informal list of the appropriate dos and don’ts for the Christian life.  But should we?

Does it matter?  Well … yes … and no!  I do not believe there is anything wrong with having a moral code that you follow.  Having some idea of what is appropriate behavior is a good guide to evaluate your life.  Without a moral compass, I end up like a rudderless ship, going whichever way the current leads me.

But for too many folks, its seems like their moral code is too important.  Do you feel like you are OK so long as you live up to some set of rules?  Is God happy with you if you do enough stuff on the ‘good’ list and avoid enough stuff on the ‘bad’ list?  Is God checking to see who’s been naughty or nice and rewarding accordingly?

I think more important than my behavior, is who I am.  Am I a new creation; has the old gone and the new come? I believe very much that that is what God wants from me: to be transformed into a new person; not just putting a new coat of paint on the person I was.  No amount of paint will serve to spruce up a crumbling house.  In the same way, strict adherence to a moral code, no matter how stringent, will not fool God into believing I have been transformed.

Seeking to live a godly life has great value if you are a new creation, if you truly have a relationship with your creator.  It has little real value if it is just a coat of pain put over a crumbling interior.  Be transformed, not just spruced up a bit!

2 thoughts on “To Do or To Be”

  1. God made us to worship Him. Everybody has a craving inside of them that only God can fill. We are created in His image in order to have a relationship with Him but because of the fall we have been separated from Him and only through sanctification through Jesus Christ can we be reconciled and made whole again.

    Through Jesus Christ we can be perfect. We are a masterpiece, each of us uniquely designed no two exactly alike. By the covering of His spilled blood we are the perfect bride for Christ. That, my friend, is very good news indeed!! Yes we will still make mistakes and there are those who want nothing more than control but the Father's wisdom is upside down to the worlds and the price of Jesus' blood has made us white as snow.

    I heard about the horsemeat scandal. 🙁 The times we live in are dark and will be getting darker still.


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