Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Happy Couple

My little boy got married this past weekend.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s all grown up now.  While I sometimes despaired of him ever getting to this point, I am proud of who he has become.  While there is still a lot of life ahead of him, he now has a life companion to share that journey with; and it looks to be a good journey together.  This world can be a rough and unforgiving place, but having someone to travel through it with you can make it much easier, especially when you are both also walking with God.

Mike and Jessica are off on their honeymoon now, and hopefully enjoying themselves immensely.  But the vacation will soon be over and it will be time to start sharing a home together, getting back to work and all of the other daily activities they find to do.  And it will be all too easy to forget about love when the freshness of the honeymoon wears off, the reality of everyday life starts to weigh them down, and expectations are not met.

But I pray for them, that their love, which is so overwhelming now will grow in depth and maturity.  While it will be challenging to maintain the emotional high that they feel now, love is so much more than a feeling.  Love in marriage is learning to appreciate your partner for who they are, not what you want them to be.  Love is giving yourself to your husband or wife, putting their interests ahead of your own, not with the expectation of sometime in return, but simply because of who they are.  Look out for each other, care deeply, and look forward to the years ahead.  It takes time and effort to learn to love, but the reward is well worth it.

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