Dosewallips in Full Bloom

I took advantage of last week’s good weather and made a trip up the main fork of the Dosewallips. The trailhead for the Dosewallips has been pushed back another mile by the washout on Case Creek and it appears to be a permanent closure of the road at that point. As I headed up the road I encountered a trail crew on their way out. They had spent the past few days clearing the trail up to Deception Creek. That was my destination for the night so I was glad to hear that. Other than the trail crew and their pack train I met very few people, and none after the ranger station. The 15 miles to Deception Creek was pleasant and I enjoyed the walk. The campground is not in great shape, but I got my usual spot, hung the hammock and settled in for the night.

Thursday morning I set out to day hike up to Dose Meadows. I found the trail to be easy to follow but the going was a bit slow. There were close to 60 logs across the trail, including one that was a good 6 foot in diameter. The last half of the way also had quite a bit of patchy snow. Neither of these were a big deal, but did slow down the pace. I do think this was about the best time to be up there. The bugs were minimal, the flowers were marvelous, the views were stunning, the bears were out, and the people were not. The 11 mile round trip to Dose Meadows took most of the day, but I was not in a hurry and spent a lot of time gawking.

Packed up Friday morning and headed back down the river, meeting my wife just below the ranger station and walked the rest of the way out with her. All in all it was a very good trip and highly recommended.

This is the waterfall along the road just before the ranger station. There appears to be a number of places along the upper river that are very similar, but all you can seek are brief glimpses.


There are quite a few creeks that cross the trail and dump into the Dosewallips. Some of them have bridges, some have logs, and some require you to rock hop.


This waterfall is on the Upper Twin Creek. I believe it is called Calypso Falls, but the sign is missing now so I am not sure. It is a very pretty fall and the spray wets the bridge crossing just below it.


There are a number of waterfalls that can be seen in the distance. This one is midway between Deception Creek and Camp Marian. It is on the far side of the river and not marked but can be heard and glimpsed through the trees.


While the trail runs fairly close to the Dosewallips between Bear Camp and Dose Meadows, you seldom get more than a peak at it.


Looking out over the big meadow a mile from Bear Camp. I was expecting it to be pretty wet, but the foliage was all dry with just a few spreading streams to contend with.


This is taken from one of the camp sites at Bear Camp, looking down river. I stopped there for a snack and could have set there all day.


Dose Meadows was quite colorful. The Glacier Lilies along with another yellow flower covered a few spots in the meadow. I also say what looked like a field of Avalanche Lilies in the distance. The campground to the left was mostly snow covered but the meadow itself was completely melted out


The last few miles into Dose Meadows had quite a bit of patchy snow in the wooded areas. The trail was generally pretty easy to follow though. None of the patches were so long that you couldn’t see the trail at the other end.


The shelter at Bear Camp is in good shape and with a new metal roof. Someone appears to have been using one of the bunks for firewood though. It seems so needless with so much down wood around. Plus I believe Bear Camp is in the no fire zone, yet there was a fire ring out in front.


The picture is a bit blurry but this is one of the bears I saw in the big meadow a mile down from Bear Camp. I saw three there altogether. This was the closest, about 100 yards away. When it finally saw me it turned and hightailed it into the brush.


I only saw a single Peppermint Stick, but there were a number of other similar plants rising up out of the soil.


There is quite a bit of moss along the trail. Here it just forms a thick carpet, unbroken by any other vegetation.


The Ground Dogwood was pretty thick in places. A bit further up the trail it was just getting started.


The Jeffery’s Shooting Stars are one of my favorite wildflowers, and there were plenty of them in bloom.


The Avalanche lilies were out in force, although there were not too many large patches,


I don’t think I have ever seen as many Trillium, my favorite wildflower, as I did on this trip. I saw hundreds of them in the last five miles.


Even the old and dying Trillium blooms are pretty.


I love it when the trail wonders through a flower garden, this time Glacier Lilies.


I don’t know what these are, but there were a whole heap of them in bloom.


This is another prolific but unknown flower that was blooming all along the trail.


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