Fall on the Dosewallips – 2017

With a brief break in the rain/snow in early November, I decided to spend the night at the campground adjacent to the Dosewallips Ranger Station. I got to the Case Creek washout a bit before noon and for the first time ever I found no other vehicles at the trailhead. Was no one else foolish enough to be out this weekend? It was still snowing lightly when I set out on Friday, and even after it quit the trees continued to drip for most of the afternoon. The first mile, between the two washouts, was pretty spectacular with the leaves falling all over the road. It was tempting to take pictures around every corner, and sometimes more often. It was a scene I don’t recall having seen before. The falling leaves continued all the way to the campground, with snow covering them over much of the last mile. The campground was empty apart from a few birds and I setup and nestled into my hammock surrounded by warm quilts and just meditated through the afternoon and the next morning. 

By Saturday noon, when I broke camp and left, it was threatening to snow again, but much of the previous snow had melted, at least along the road. I met quite a few people day hiking in as I was going out and hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. I haven’t done much hiking in the late fall, but it was definitely something I plan on doing again.

One of many scenes along the road on the way in. Looks like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.
Another of the many gorgeous spots along the road on the way up the Dosewallips.
The road up above the falls was mostly snow covered on Friday, although much of it had melted by Saturday noon.
Looking down on the Dosewallips at the slide just above the falls.
The trees above the falls were beautiful with a light dusting of snow.
Camp setup alongside the river at one of the walk-in spot, one of the few with good trees and a view.
The view looking downstream while nestled snug in the hammock.

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