Death Could Not Keep Him – Acts 2:24

But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.

Acts 2:24 NIV

On Friday we remembered Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. Jesus gave his life on the cross, taking upon himself the sin of the whole world. And we can rejoice in that now. But for his followers on that first Easter it was a devastating moment. All they had hoped for with Jesus was gone; buried in the tomb with him. It was the end. Or so they thought.

But it was not the end! The grave could not hold him. Death could not keep him. Early on that first Easter morning Jesus rose from the grave. Death was defeated. And for his disciples, everything changed. On Saturday they were in hiding, in fear of their lives. And now, seven weeks later, they are proclaiming to a multitude that the Jesus the crowd had killed was risen and was Lord of all.

What difference does Jesus’ resurrection, nearly 2000 years ago, make in your life today? Jesus’ defeat of death on that first Easter did not just impact him. His victory belongs to us as well. To all who are ‘in Christ’. In Christ we have died to sin, been buried with him, and have been raised to new life. No longer do we need to fear the grave. Instead we can look forward to an eternity with him.

Celebrate the empty tomb and risen savior today! And be thankful that his victory over death is ours as well. Death could not keep him. And neither will it keep those who are his.

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