Consider Carefully What You Hear – Mark 4:23-24

If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.”
“Consider carefully what you hear,” he continued. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.

Mark 4:23-24 NIV

This passage comes in the midst of Jesus teaching the crowds, mostly with parables. And it is a challenge to pay attention. To invest some time and effort into a consideration of what Jesus has said. Both to understand the teachings, and to make application of them to our own lives.

In my 67 years of life I cannot tell you how many sermons I have heard or how many Bible study lessons I have taught or listened to. For most of my life I have regularly read the Bible as well as other books. And that makes Jesus’ words here especially meaningful to me.

I have hears to hear, and eyes to read. And I use them both for that. But do I consider carefully what I hear and/or read? I am afraid that I do not follow that direction nearly enough. All too often I hear and/or read without thinking about what I read or heard. It goes in one ear and out the other. And, as a consequence, it does me very little good.

Consider Carefully

So Jesus’ words “Consider carefully what you hear” are a big challenge to me. I need to be careful about what I read, watch or listen to and the impact they have on my life. Garbage in, garbage out is a term used in computer processing. But it is just as applicable to humans. When I am inputting garbage into my mind, the result will be producing even more garbage.

His words also apply to the good things I read or hear. Take the time to consider them carefully. To be sure I am understanding what I am reading. To take the time to think about how it might apply to me, what it is calling me to do. And then following through with that.

I encourage you to read the Bible daily. And reading through it in a year is great. But even better is to consider carefully what it is saying to you, even if you are only reading a single verse, or small passage. Take time to allow the Holy Spirit to teach you from it. Even if you have already read it a hundred times, still take the time to think about what you are reading. That is the road to growth.

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Dr. Peter Vakunta
5 months ago

This is powerful

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