Bible Studies

This page serves as a launch pad for studies related to specific Scripture passages. Most of these are fairly short devotional passages from throughout the Bible. Others are longer studies, generally as a series, that explore longer passages.


Ephesians is one of the theologically deepest letters of Paul. It is a letter that every believer can profit from, studying what Paul has to say to believers. This has been one of my favorite books to write about.

1 Peter

1st Peter is a very practical letter, written to believers who were suffering in what is today the nation of Turkey. The letter offers encouragement to these suffering believers, exhorting them to remain faithful regardless what happens to them.


This page links to all the in depth studies I have done in the book of Hebrews. This is an ongoing project that will likely take over a year to complete. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please check back.

Sermon on the Mount

This is an ongoing series covering the Sermon on the Mount. There should be a new post about once a week until it is completed.

This links to a series of articles that explore different aspects of discipleship. It is a growing collections of articles past and future.

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