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North to Alaska

Sue and I took a cruise on the Golden Princess with friends (Randy & Tina), enjoying the opportunity to catch up, eat and see some of the sights of southern Alaska.

clay jars

And Life Goes On

Well it’s been four weeks now since surgery; and not a four weeks I would hope to repeat. I have never spent so much time laying around doing little or nothing. And if I never see a catheter again, it will be too soon.

Surgery: A Big Adventure

I must admit that surgery was quite an adventure, but one that I do not look forward to ever having to experience again. I have heard from lots of people who have had surgery, and read about it some, but nothing quite prepares one for the actual experience.

Surgery Pre-Op

Surgery is now six days away and today was the day scheduled to get all of the pre-op stuff done. Spent time with my surgeon as well as the admitting process at St. Joseph’s. My surgeon gave me a rundown on all of the things that would be taking place on the day of surgery as well as the following couple of weeks.

On Cars and Runners

I am a runner, and am soft and squishy. And I share the road with cars and trucks, and they are hard, fast and scary. And sometimes it’s quite an adventure.

It’s Surgery

The biopsies I had earlier, plus my PSA reading, indicate that the cancer is in an early stage and should be contained within the prostate. Based on that, my age, general health, and desire to ‘know’ where I stand when it’s all done, I have opted for surgery.

Prostate Cancer

Cancer. Such a simple word; but with such ominous overtones. One day all is well in my little world, then the bi-annual physical, a high PSA reading in the blood work, a trip to a Urologist, a 1 in 8 chance of cancer, a biopsy, and then the results; prostate cancer.

Seattle Marathon 2010

A week ago I ran in the 2010 edition of the Seattle Marathon, after running the half marathon the previous 3 years. I had tried a full marathon once last year, but it had had a less than satisfactory ending, having to walk most of the last 7 miles. This time I was determined to run the whole course, regardless of how long it took me to finish.


It’s Thanksgiving morning and as I set here this morning on a cold snowy day, I have much to be thankful for. It is good to take the time periodically to recognize those things rather than just take them for granted like I so often do.

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