create in me a pure heart

Create In Me A Pure Heart – Psalm 51:10-12

All of us are guilty of sin from time to time, and experience separation from God. But how blessed is the one who will confess and repent of their sin and seek restoration. To experience the presence of God and the joy or our salvation. Our sin might bring satisfaction for a period of time. But nothing can compare with the joy that comes from walking with God.

delight in the law of the Lord

Delight in the Law of the Lord – Psalm 1:1-3

Picture a dry land with a year round stream flowing through it. Along either bank is a row of trees. This stream is like God’s word. And like the trees around the stream, those who sink their roots into the Bible will prosper. Hard times will likely come. But they will endure and be fruitful in spite of the challenges thrown their way.