Jesus saves

Dying, He Saved Me – Mark 15:31

The priests and teachers who mocked Jesus at the cross challenged him to save himself by coming down off the cross. But it was to save others that he willingly laid down his life for all people. He died on the cross so that I might have life eternal. Praise God! Jesus saves!

I was there

I Was There – Mark 14:51-52

In the midst of this serious account of Jesus betrayal and arrest is found this amusing little story of a young man who turned into a streaker. What possible reason could there be for this inclusion? I believe it is the author of this gospel saying, “I was there”. I personally saw what happened.

Live a life of love

Live a Life of Love – Mark 12:30-31

Of all the 613 laws in the Old Testament, which is the most important? Jesus’ response was to love God with all we are and to love those around us. If we will live a life of love, all of the other commandments are taken care of.

sight to the blind

Sight to the Blind – Mark 10:51-52

Jesus gave sight to many who were physically blind, including Bartimaeus. But how much more precious that he will give sight to the spiritually blind, to those who have been walking about in darkness all of their lives. Come to Jesus who gives sight to the blind. Answer his call.