Create a new heart

Can Our Social Ills Be Fixed? – Mark 7:20-23

Our society is not getting better. Despite the efforts of many groups seeking to deal with mass shootings, abuse of women and children, homelessness, drug abuse, etc., the social ills just seem to get worse. Can anything be done? Yes, but it will require a change of heart that only God can produce.

God's will

Whoever Does God’s Will – Mark 3:35

Jesus does not abandon family relationships, nor does he call on us to do so. But he does emphasize a more important relationship; being a part of his heavenly family. All who do God’s will become members of this family, regardless of your place here on earth.

sinners and tax collectors Mark 2:17

Eating with the Sinners and Tax Collectors – Mark 2:17

If Jesus paid a visit to 21st century America, who would he be hanging out with? With nice respectable church folk? Or with sinners and tax collectors? I am reasonably certain it would be the second. But, more importantly, would us good church folks be with him, or would we just criticize him.

solitary prayer

The Importance of Prayer – Mark 1:35-37

How important is prayer in your life? Do you squeeze it when you can? Or is it a priority in your life; something that you regularly invest time in? The importance of prayer in Jesus life is unmistakable. Should it be any less for those who follow him?