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A Living Faith – James 2:14

Does your faith in Christ prompt you to give to the needy, to care for the down and out, or to comfort those experiencing loss (Matt 25:34-40). If it does not, then James’ message in this passage is for you; it may be that your faith is dead and of no value. Your deeds will not save you. But they will give evidence of your salvation. Evaluate the evidence; what does it say?

clay jars

Conflicts in the Body – James 4:1-10

Churches fight. It is unfortunate, but true. If you have been involved with a church more than a few years, you have probably experienced conflict between members; conflict that sometimes spreads across the whole body. And it inevitably hurts, even if you are not directly involved.  If any parts of the body are in conflict, then the whole body is really in conflict and suffering.  In the passage below, James has a lot to say about conflict in the church, its causes, and how to avoid it. 1 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires …

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