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The Source of Morality

Morality is all about right and wrong behavior.  In some ways it is like having a little rule book regulating behavior built into us somehow.  If we follow the rules we are moral.  If we disregard the rules we are considered immoral.  But where does this rule book come from, and why does it seems so integrated into my life? Absolute Moral Standards There is much discussion today concerning the nature of morality.  Is there such a thing as an absolute moral?  Or are morals always relative, varying across societies and time?  I commonly hear people today argue that morality …

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Origins: Where Did We All Come From?

We live in a big complex universe. Where did it come from? How did I come to be? These are questions I have frequently asked myself and I suspect I am not alone in doing so. The response you have for these questions will have a big impact on how you view the world around you and how you respond to much of what happens to you.

I Believe In God. And It Makes A Difference!

I believe that God is real and that he has a purpose for his creation and for me. Can I prove that to you? No I can’t, although I can demonstrate that belief in God is reasonable, more so than any of the alternatives. While I cannot prove to you that God exists, I am convinced in my own mind that he does and that belief is an integral part of who I am and how I live my life here.

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