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The Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon – 2013

Back in early April my cardiologist gave me the OK to start running again, so long as I took his little magic pills to keep my heart rate down.  So I laced the running shoes back on and hit the road.  A month later I signed up for the Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon and began preparing for it in earnest.  The goal, when I signed up was to complete it in 2 hours and 15 minutes, which seemed like a bit of a stretch, but doable. Training went well and the times for the longer runs started to …

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Seattle Marathon 2012

Yesterday was my 5th running of the Seattle Half-Marathon, along with a single full marathon.  I had originally planned to run this as a full marathon, but injuries kept me from being able to run for nearly 5 months and put any thought of a 26 mile run out of the question.  And even a 13 mile run seemed questionable as little as 3 weeks ago.  But the recent calf problems seemed to have been resolved by going back to regular running shoes, and the back was rested and protected with a brace.  I had managed an 11 mile run …

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2012 Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon

The sun rose this morning over drippy skies and low 50’s; but by race time the rain had quit, although still overcast.  It was really just about ideal running weather, at least for me.  Today was my fourth running of the Seattle Rock & Roll, once as a full and now three times as a half.  It was also my wife’s second running. I have been bothered by calf problems off and on all year, and the last month it had gotten worse.  Two weeks ago I actually quit running to try and get it rested up for today.  I …

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2012 Portland Rock & Roll Half Marathon

Today was the inaugural running of the Portland Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  It seemed like a good event to start off the 2012 season so I signed up for it several months ago and have been preparing for it since then.  All the signs were pointing towards a good run this weekend so I was excited about it. We went down on Saturday to pick up the race packet and go through the expo and see if there was anything there I just had to have.  Amazingly enough, there was not.  We got Sue a couple of things, but I couldn’t …

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The Cure for Cramps

I started having cramps in my calves when running a few months ago. Initially they would be more common when I was running hard, but eventually all I had to do was run easy for a mile or two. I learned real quick that when one started to come on that it was time to stop and walk back home. But it was really getting frustrating. I had signed up for a couple of half marathons in the coming months and it was starting to look like I would not be able to participate in them.

Five Finger Running

I have been running for about 5 years now, going through a couple pair of shoes a year. But a little over a year ago I tried out a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) and really like them, kind of. They were so lightweight that it felt almost like I was floating. It only took a block or so before I was convinced that this was the shoe for me.

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Seattle Half Marathon 2011

But finally the final stretch came into sight followed soon by the finish line. I managed to cross in 1 hour 59 minutes and 35 seconds, a personal best by over 3 minutes for this course. I ended up finishing in 1847th place overall and 37th out of the 140 men in my division and that felt pretty good. And even better was that no one over 71 years old beat me this year.

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How to Train for a Marathon

I am preparing to run a half marathon next weekend, my ninth in the past 4 years along with 2 full marathons. I guess that makes me somewhat of an expert on the topic so I though I would share some of my vast knowledge with those who might be looking to follow in my footsteps, becoming part of a growing movement of people of all ages, sizes and shapes who lace on a pair of shoes and stagger around a 13.1 or 26.2 mile course, just so they can eat a Cinnabon without feelings of guilt.

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Profound Thoughts of a Long Distance Runner

Running gives a person lots of time to think since it is pretty challenging to watch TV or read a book while dodging cars in the early morning fog. There is not really much else to do besides think and devise solutions to the problems that plague our world today. So here, in no particular order, are the things I can remember thinking about during this mornings 2 hour run.

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Rock & Roll Seattle

Yesterday was the 2011 version of the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon / Half-Marathon. This was my third running of this event and Sue’s first ever half marathon. This race is quite a production and started for us the day prior to the actual run.