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An Atheistic Worldview

And if there is no creator, then there is really no purpose for this universe, for humanity, or for any individual. Humanity is nothing more than an insignificant infection on an infinitesimal speck in the cosmic expanse. Even if an explanation for the origin of the universe, and for life and mind, could be provided, the result would be the same; there is no overarching purpose for any of it. We are nothing more than an accidental byproduct of naturalist processes, which themselves are coincidental, at work in an accidental universe.

clay jars

So Just What Is An Atheist

I find the flack that Oprah has taken recently over her ideas of what atheism is to be interesting.   Yes, she got it wrong; although she also seemed wrong about theism.  But how many people do know what atheism is?  The term means different things to different people, similar to the term ‘Christian’, and even atheists will disagree about what the term means.  I know that the chances of defining this is a way that everyone will agree with is minute, but I am going to share my take on it anyway. Believes There Is No God For most …

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