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An Unexpected Answer to Prayer – Luke 1:18

When you prayer, do you do so in faith, expected an answer to prayer? Or, like Zechariah, are you surprised and doubtful when God responds to you? We should never grow weary in prayer, expecting the Lord to answer in his time.


Abram Believed the Lord – Genesis 15:6

Abraham had every reason in the world to doubt what God had promised him. But instead, he believed, and God counted that belief as righteousness on Abraham’s part. And that same righteousness is credited to all today who will believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead.

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So Just What Is An Atheist

I find the flack that Oprah has taken recently over her ideas of what atheism is to be interesting.   Yes, she got it wrong; although she also seemed wrong about theism.  But how many people do know what atheism is?  The term means different things to different people, similar to the term ‘Christian’, and even atheists will disagree about what the term means.  I know that the chances of defining this is a way that everyone will agree with is minute, but I am going to share my take on it anyway. Believes There Is No God For most …

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Top 10 Reasons Why I Believe in God

I cannot prove that God exists.  Nor can I provide compelling arguments for why a person should believe in the existence of a creator God.  But I do believe, and am convinced that God exists and that he has a purpose for my existence.  What follows is a sometimes light hearted attempt to express just why I believe.  I do not expect that these reasons will be compelling to one who does not currently believe in God, but hopefully they will give some insight into why at least one person is a believer. 1. My past:  I have accepted that …

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The Doctrine of Faith: the Human Response to God’s Grace

Intellectual assent that God exists and that Jesus died for sins and was raised to life will not bring about my salvation; that is not faith. Faith includes earnestly seeking God and professing Jesus as Lord, both of which involve giving myself to him to do with as he desires. Faith takes me off the throne and puts God on it.

I believe in God

I Believe in God. And It Makes a Difference!

I believe that God is real and that he has a purpose for his creation and for me. Can I prove that to you? No I can’t, although I can demonstrate that belief in God is reasonable, more so than any of the alternatives. While I cannot prove to you that God exists, I am convinced in my own mind that he does and that belief is an integral part of who I am and how I live my life here.