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Christianity and Science: Enemies or Allies?

One of the biggest hot button topics that you are likely to find in discussions between skeptics and believers concerns the relationship between science and Christianity.  To many, these are on opposite sides of the boxing ring, mortal enemies with no room for co-existence.  But I do not believe that needs to be the case.  I believe that the two can exist in harmony and can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of God and his creation.  But to do so, it is important to distinguish between science, “the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena”, and …

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Why the Christian God?

While there is no foolproof physical or logical proof that can be given for the existence of a supernatural deity, there are sufficient grounds for a rational acceptance of a creator.  But that is still a big step away from accepting the God of Christianity, of Islam, of Hinduism, or of any of the other thousands of religions that have existed throughout history.  How, as a Christian, can I rationally claim that only Christianity can lead to knowledge of God, and that all other religions are dead ends? Cultural The most common method of choosing a God is to choose, …

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Why God?

I am encountering more and more folks who have rejected, not only God, but even the possibility that there might be something that is beyond what their senses can experience.  I have talked with a number of these atheists, mostly online, over the past 8 years or so, have listened to their explanations, have tried to understand their reasoning, and evaluated my own beliefs.  But to no avail. Atheism remains to me a hollow and deceptive philosophy that glorifies mankind and our achievements;  that has no purpose for life other than what the individual chooses to give themselves; and has no …

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Two Went To Pray – Luke 18:9-14

Nearly every town of any size has one; First Baptist Church of AnyTown USA.  And some of these churches have prayer chapels that are open during the day, inviting all who feel the need to come and pray. Into one of these prayer chapels one day came two people.  The first was a successful business man and deacon who was traveling on business from a distant city.  And the second was a streetwalker who was just finishing up after a long and degrading night. The deacon knelt at the altar and prayed to God, as was his custom when traveling. …

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