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The Healthy Church

So what makes a church healthy?  I suspect most people who are involved with a church have some opinion on this question.  Or at least feel like they can identify if a church is healthy or not, even if they cannot define why.  Church health is actually a topic that generates much discussion and many books, but apparently is a topic where consensus is hard to find. Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on church health, although I have been involved with many churches in the past few decades.  I would describe some of these churches as at least marginally …

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The Little Church That Could

This past Sunday Sue and I visited with what is arguably the smallest church in the association; and one that many would call the weakest and most insignificant. This is a church that was on the verge of closing a year ago, deep in debt, with only a handful of members, and on the verge of losing their pastor. Many people had written them off, giving them no chance of survival.