pathway to foolishness

Pride: A Pathway to Foolishness – Romans 1:22-23

I believe that human pride is one of the causes that lead people to turn away from God; reveling in their own wisdom and understanding; and in the process becoming fools. Education and learning are wonderful things. Modern science is a great tool to help us to understand the creation around us. But when we put education or science on the throne, instead of God, we have done what Paul is expressing in Romans 1:22-23; claiming to be wise, but becoming fools.

Making Sense of it All

There seems to be two general thoughts regarding this universe and the life it contains.  Either it was intentionally and purposefully created.  Or it just happened randomly, without purpose.  While there may be some other broad category that I am unaware of, it seems like everyone I have ever discussed this with, read about, or listened to fell into one of these camps.  And some of them quite adamantly so. But does it really matter what you believe about how our universe, and life, came to exist?  Is it more than just an academic question?  While I believe that some …

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What Purpose, Apart From God?

Does your life have purpose, a reason for being?  The answer to that question is really dependant on the existence of an intentional creator; a creator for this universe, and so, indirectly, you.  Is this universe and all it contains the product of a creator; God?  Or is it just the product of random chance? Most people I have talked with seem to feel like their life has purpose; purpose gives meaning to life, and it keeps me going when life isn’t fun. Google defines purpose as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something …

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Followup on the Kalam Cosmological Argument

I have had some interesting twitter feedback on my recent post on the Kalam Cosmological Argument and thought it would be worthwhile to share some of it, mostly because it illustrates some of the response that you might expect from an atheist when making this argument. Before looking at the response it is worth pointing out my position in regard to this argument.  First, I do not believe that it is possible to prove the existence of God, and I do not use the Kalam argument for that purpose.  Second, I believe in God because of my own personal experience with …

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How Big Is God?

One of my favorite web sites is The Scale of the Universe. This is an interactive site that helps to give a perspective on just how big things are in the universe.  I find it interesting to scroll through the site, comparing the size of different objects.

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