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2014 Gear List for Southern California

Well, the 2014 PCT hiking season is at hand, starting at Campo and continuing for the first 300 or so miles of the trail.  Desert hiking will be new to me.  The scarcity of water, the heat, and the necessity to shift from a hammock to sleeping on the ground will all impact what I have to take along with me for this segment.  Hopefully I am making the right gear choices.  But I suspect that if I err, it will be on the side of overkill.  Next year I plan on completing the desert section, so this gear list …

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A Sample Gear List

The first six articles in this series have looked at the wide range of backpacking gear that is available and discussed the pros and cons of much of it. To close out this series I want to detail out a gear list. This is what I am currently planning on using for multiday trips in the Olympics as well as this year’s PCT section hike through Oregon, but is subject to some change yet. It is a moderately lightweight gear list.