Work of God

What I Believe about God

I believe that God exists, that he is the creator of all, that he in transcendent, immanent, infinite, triune, self-existent, loving, good, and personal.

What God Is Like

Everyone has some kind of a picture formed in their minds concerning what God is like.  Even those who do not believe he exists have a mental image that they argue against.  That picture is likely not very well defined, and may not be coherent, but it exists for each of us, and is reflected in how we believe or expect God to act in the world and towards us.  The thing that all of these pictures have in common is that they are all inadequate.  It is not possible for a finite mind to comprehend the infinite God. As …

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God Has Proven Himself To Me!

Dear Atheist, I cannot count the number of times you have challenged me to prove to you that God exists.  And I always freely respond that I cannot prove to you that he does.  So you consider me a fool because I accept something as true that I can’t prove to your satisfaction.  But that I cannot prove it to you does not mean that I cannot prove it to myself.  And that I can do. I was born into a Christian family and was a regular attender at the family church.  However, as I neared graduation from high school …

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Why the Christian God?

While there is no foolproof physical or logical proof that can be given for the existence of a supernatural deity, there are sufficient grounds for a rational acceptance of a creator.  But that is still a big step away from accepting the God of Christianity, of Islam, of Hinduism, or of any of the other thousands of religions that have existed throughout history.  How, as a Christian, can I rationally claim that only Christianity can lead to knowledge of God, and that all other religions are dead ends? Cultural The most common method of choosing a God is to choose, …

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Does God Exist?

I think the initial question in the debate concerning religion is about the existence of God.  Why should a person believe that there even is a God?  Obviously, if there is not a God, then worshipping him is a pretty limited exercise, at most providing some social stability.  I have engaged a number of people in the debate concerning the existence of God over the past few years, although I have yet to find the magic approach that will be convincing to most people; nor am I at all certain that such an argument even exists. In fact, I am …

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Creation and the Big Bang

The Big Bang is a fairly well established scientific theory that describes the beginning of the universe.  According to this theory, some 13.8 billion years ago, our universe began to exist, initially as an extremely dense and hot point.  That ‘singularity’, began to rapidly expand and cool, eventually forming simple atomic elements which gravity clumped into stars and galaxies, ultimately producing the universe we see around us today.  The link above provides a decent description, while this one offers a much simpler overview. While the Big Bang does have pretty strong scientific support, how compatible is it with the Genesis accounts, and …

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How Big Is God?

One of my favorite web sites is The Scale of the Universe. This is an interactive site that helps to give a perspective on just how big things are in the universe.  I find it interesting to scroll through the site, comparing the size of different objects.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Believe in God

I cannot prove that God exists.  Nor can I provide compelling arguments for why a person should believe in the existence of a creator God.  But I do believe, and am convinced that God exists and that he has a purpose for my existence.  What follows is a sometimes light hearted attempt to express just why I believe.  I do not expect that these reasons will be compelling to one who does not currently believe in God, but hopefully they will give some insight into why at least one person is a believer. 1. My past:  I have accepted that …

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