brood of vipers, a call to repentance

Repent, You Brood of Vipers! – Luke 3:7-8

You brood of vipers! John the Baptist’s call to repentance was forceful with no holds barred. And the people responded to his call in droves. In contrast, we often preach a much gentler gospel and wonder why there is so little change in people’s lives. Is there something to be learned from John’s approach?

clay jars

Who Ya Gonna Listen To? – Acts 4:19-20

Early in the life of the church, Peter and John are brought before the religious leaders of Israel, who also doubled as the political leaders under Roman rule.  The problem is that Peter and John has been teaching the people about Jesus, something that the religious leaders took great offense with.  And during this hearing, Peter and John are forbidden to publicly speak about Jesus.  While the parallels with today and not exact, it is becoming more challenging to freely share about Jesus out in the community and the workplace.  And I believe Peter and John’s response to the religious/civil …

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