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The Christian and Human Government – Romans 13:1-7

Everyone seems to have an opinion about their government, whether at the local level or a national level.  Some like it and think it is doing a good job, while others think it is detrimental to our way of life.  Government is either our savior, or an anchor around our necks. But what is the role of government; why do we have it?  It seems to me like the primary role for government is to provide some structure to society and protection to those governed.  And when a government is doing that, and doing it well, it is easy to …

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clay jars

How Much Government Is Enough?

Why do we need government, and what role should it play in our lives? Your answer to that will likely determine how you feel about your government, the U.S. for me, and your response to those who are seeking a place within government, from the President down to the local dog catcher.