Create a new heart

Can Our Social Ills Be Fixed? – Mark 7:20-23

Our society is not getting better. Despite the efforts of many groups seeking to deal with mass shootings, abuse of women and children, homelessness, drug abuse, etc., the social ills just seem to get worse. Can anything be done? Yes, but it will require a change of heart that only God can produce.

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To Do or To Be

In the Christian walk, how much emphasis do we place on doing the right things?  How often are we told to read your Bible, pray, attend worship services, tithe, evangelize, serve, etc.?  Or told not to lie, steal, slander, be immoral, smoke, gamble, etc.?  I would guess that most of us, myself included, have an informal list of the appropriate dos and don’ts for the Christian life.  But should we? Does it matter?  Well … yes … and no!  I do not believe there is anything wrong with having a moral code that you follow.  Having some idea of what …

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