there is no one righteous

There is No One Righteous, Not Even One – Romans 3:10-12

I am incapable of making myself acceptable to God. No matter how hard I might try, I invariable fall short. And that is true of every other person who has ever lived, apart from one. But God has not left us alone to continue that futile effort. Instead he provides us with a better way. Praise God, he makes his righteousness available to us, through faith in Christ.

doctrine of sin

The Doctrine of Sin

The doctrine of sin is one of the foundational truths of the Christian faith. It describes an aspect of our nature that is in rebellion against God. It also covers the moral failing of our lives, how we fail to live up to God’s expectations. We are a fallen race because of our sin, unable to please God.

clay jars

Hated by the World – John 7:7

As disciples of Jesus, we should not wave the flag of tolerance. Let your life and your words bear witness to the truth and against evil. But do so in love and with the hope of rescuing the perishing (Jude 1:22-23).

clay jars

Waging War on Desire – 1 Peter 2:11

In Ephesians 6:10-17 Paul talks about the spiritual warfare that we are engaged in, urging us to put on the armor God has provided. In this passage Peter looks at one of the primary weapons of our adversary; our own sinful desires. In my own experience there is no bigger weapon in the enemies arsenal than my own desires.