Apologetics is really a spiritual discipline; providing a defense for your faith.  All believers should be able to explain to those who inquire, why they believe what they do.  The posts below are my attempts at that, and will hopefully be useful to others.

The articles on this page are roughly organized by the questions they intend to answer. Some of the articles were written specifically to answer the question. But others are simply related in some way to the heading that they are under. The more specific articles will be at the top of each section. They will be followed by the more general articles.

If you have apologetic related questions that you do not find answered here, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page, asking your question. If I can, I will address your question in a future post and add to this page.

An Introduction to Apologetics

Does God Exist?

The Nature of God

  • Omniscience and Free Will: How does one reconcile God’s fore-knowledge with our ability to make free choices?
  • God: What I believe about who God is.
  • How Big is God?:  Have you ever stopped to think about how big a universe creator must be?

The Problem of Evil

The Bible


  • What About Jesus?  Is he who the New Testament claims him to be, God in human form?




  • What is a Christian? Is it a label, attending a church, being moral, believing the right things, or a relationship?


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