These posts are generally longer and are dealing with specific theological topics.

Blog Posts

A Clay Jar generally publishes three posts a week. These are usually a pair of small devotional passages along with a more in-depth post.

Welcome to A Clay Jar

The title of this blog is simply a reflection of who I am, a fragile clay jar. I am nothing. But the one who lives in this fragile clay jar, and has called me into his service, is of great value. My prayer to God is that he will use this meager offering in the advancement of his kingdom.

This blog, and all of the posts it contains, are a reflection of my own thoughts and understandings concerning the Bible and theology in general. They do not necessarily reflect the teachings of the church or denomination that I am a part of. I do consider myself to be a conservative, although apolitical, evangelical, and hold strongly to the inspiration and authority of the Bible.

Bible Study

These posts are generally shorter in nature and are dealing with specific passages. Most are devotional in nature.


Over the years I have written a number of posts that deal with health issues, running, backpacking, and social issues.