The Doctrine of the Bible

This is the Doctrine of the Bible homepage. All of the posts listed on this page are about the Bible. The initial post was written as a part of a systematic theology class I taught. The following posts are those that I have generated over the years that have some relationship to the Bible. I also have a brief summary of my beliefs, or credo, on the Bible.

  • The Doctrine of the Bible - June 12, 2021
    From the human perspective, the Bible is a diverse collection of literature written over a long period of time. From a divine perspective, it is the authoritative guide to faith and practice.
  • Guide to Dating the New Testament Gospels - June 19, 2021
    The New Testament gospels are our primary source of information about the life of Jesus. So what is the dating of the gospels?
  • Textual Criticism: Copying the New Testament Texts - April 20, 2012
    How close to the original New Testament documents is our current Bible? Copying the New Testament texts has introduced some error. But textual criticism has, by comparing the existing manuscripts, been able to very closely reproduce the original.
  • The Reliability of the New Testament Texts - December 17, 2013
    Can we have any assurance in the reliability of the New Testament texts. That what we have today is the same as what was written 2000 years ago?
  • Canonization of the New Testament - December 26, 2013
    I think it is fair to say that, whether you agree with the writings or not, they are a fair description of the beliefs of the Christian church of the first centuries and not an attempt by a later generation to build a religion around some legends and myths.
  • The Bible: Inspired, Authoritative, and Without Error - January 2, 2019
    The Bible is inspired by God and is the supreme authority for the believer in all matters of faith and practice. The Bible is without error in all that it teaches and affirms. However it is essential that it be understood in light of the culture that produced it, otherwise…
  • What Version of the Bible is Best? - May 31, 2019
    So just which version of the Bible is the best? There are many good English translations. But ultimately, the best one is the one you will read.
  • The Importance of the Human Authorship of the Bible - June 14, 2019
    If the Bible is indeed the divinely inspired word of God to us, is the human authorship of the Bible important? Does it matter if Moses wrote the Torah?
  • The Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee - March 27, 2020
    What is the Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee mentioned in the Old Testament? Do they have any relevance for life today? Or only for Old Testament times?
  • Jesus’ Fulfillment of Prophecy in Matthew - June 5, 2020
    One of the significant aspects of Matthew's gospel of Jesus is his concern to show Jesus' fulfillment of prophecy made about him in the Old Testament.
  • What Does it Mean That the Bible is Authoritative? - February 26, 2021
    What do we mean when we say the Bible is authoritative? Is it just a rule book or set of faith statements. Or does it shape our worldview?
  • How to Read the Bible and Get the Most Out of It. - March 26, 2021
    There are many different ways that people read and study the Bible. We should seek to read the Bible profitably, allowing it to change us.
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