The Doctrine of Humanity

The posts listed on this page are about mankind. The initial post was written as a part of a systematic theology. These posts, as well as those on sin, are intentionally placed before the section on Christ. This is because Christ came to deal with the fallen nature of humanity. So it helps to know more about human nature and the fall. The following posts are those that I have generated over the years that have some relationship to the doctrine of humanity. This credo, or statement of belief, is a summary of my beliefs concerning humanity.

  • The Doctrine of Humanity - March 2, 2017
    Who are we as humans? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Does God have some particular reason for creating us? The doctrine of humanity is important to provide answers to those questions.
  • Arminianism: The Doctrine of Total Depravity - August 12, 2017
    You might be surprised to find that Arminianism and Calvinism are in complete agreement on the doctrine of total depravity; I know that I was. For many years I operated under the thought that while mankind was pretty bad, we were not so bad that we could not choose to…
  • Being Made in the Image of God: A New Creation - August 23, 2019
    Man was created in the image of God. But in our fall that image became corrupted. However, in Christ, who is the image of God, we are transformed.
  • Was There Death in the World Before the Fall? - July 23, 2021
    Was there death in the world prior to the fall? Many would deny it. But I see no reason not to accept that death was a natural part of life.

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