Follow-up to Attending In-Person Worship Services

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my return to in-person worship services. I have been back twice now, and thought it would be good to follow up on the experience.

In the days following that first trip I struggled with the experience and how to respond to it. Even though I recognized the fault was mostly mine, I felt like an outsider. I spent much time in prayer about it. And the Lord impressed on me that I should not expect the church to do something for me that I was not willing to do myself. Because I am a part of the church. So the church is doing what I do. That may not make much sense to anyone else, but it hit home to me.

So I decided to go back again. This time I dropped the mask and made a point of talking to the folks I knew. Rather than going with apprehension, I choose to go with a cheerful spirit. And it made a remarkable difference. Last week I sat with someone. This week I sat alone. But it was OK. I visited with folks before and after the service. And enjoyed the time I was there.

Given my experience the past few weeks, I would encourage you, if you are struggling like I was, to not give up. Much of how you respond to circumstances is your choice. You can choose, like I did that first week, to be disappointed and withdrawn. Or you can choose to be joyful and enter into the life of the body.

I went back. And I’m glad that I did.

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