there is no one righteous

There is No One Righteous, Not Even One – Romans 3:10-12

I am incapable of making myself acceptable to God. No matter how hard I might try, I invariable fall short. And that is true of every other person who has ever lived, apart from one. But God has not left us alone to continue that futile effort. Instead he provides us with a better way. Praise God, he makes his righteousness available to us, through faith in Christ.

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The Righteousness of God – Romans 3:20-25

After his introduction, Paul spends the bulk of the first three chapters of his letter to the Roman church in a discussion of sin.  While Paul leaves open the theoretical possibility of a person being good enough to pass judgement before God, his conclusion is that no one actually is good, that no one will be declared righteous before God based on their own efforts in adhering to the law, whether that be the Old Testament Law, or the law of conscience. Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through …

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