The Doctrine of Sin

The posts listed on this page are about the doctrine of sin. The initial post was written as a part of a systematic theology. The following posts are those that I have generated over the years that have some relationship to this doctrine. This posts, alongs with the ones on the doctrine of humanity, are intentionally listed before the ones on Christ. This is because of the necessity of understanding the fallen nature of humanity to be able to fully understand the work of Christ. In addition, I have written a brief summary of my beliefs concerning the doctrine of sin.

  • The Doctrine of Sin - March 19, 2018
    The doctrine of sin is one of the foundational truths of the Christian faith. It describes an aspect of our nature that is in rebellion against God.
  • The Problem of Evil: Why Does God Allow Evil to Exist? - April 2, 2021
    The problem of evil is concerned with all the bad things happen in the world? Why doesn't God prevent all this bad stuff from happening?
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