God Has Proven Himself To Me!

Dear Atheist,

I cannot count the number of times you have challenged me to prove to you that God exists.  And I always freely respond that I cannot prove to you that he does.  So you consider me a fool because I accept something as true that I can’t prove to your satisfaction.  But that I cannot prove it to you does not mean that I cannot prove it to myself.  And that I can do.

I was born into a Christian family and was a regular attender at the family church.  However, as I neared graduation from high school and induction into the US Navy, I recognized the emptiness of my ‘Christian’ experience and was prepared to abandon it when I left home.  And it is quite likely that you can relate to this, since that seems to be a fairly common story.  But during that last summer I was ambushed and captured.

I spent about half of that summer washing dishes at a Christian camp.  During that time I discovered that not everyone’s experience with God was the same as mine.  There were some there who had a spirit about them that was very appealing to me; I wanted what they had.  What I discovered was that they had a personal relationship with God, unlike others, myself included, for whom God was simply an intellectual construct.

By the time that summer was over I had joined those who had a personal relationship with their creator, and discovered that it was a transformational experience.  My plans for the future were upended, not because I felt like I had to, but because the desire was gone.  And my language, which could be pretty vulgar, was also transformed, even in boot camp, and with no effort on my own part.  It just happened.

Now, is that scientific proof for the existence of God?  No, it is not.  But is there a more logical way to explain a change from R rated desires and language to G rated versions of both.  And especially for an 18 year old male, fairly susceptible to peer pressure, going through Navy boot camp.  I cannot tell you how many times I have looked back at that experience when questions arose about the reality of God.

And I could describe other experiences in the following 40+ years that continue to add proof to my conviction that God not only exists, but that he cares about me and has a purpose for my life.  Today I continue to enjoy spending time with my creator and getting to know him better.  And this has not been my experience only; many others that I have known over the years have had similar experiences.

Does God exist?  Without doubt!  And regardless what you may say about Him, I know the truth.  God is real.  He has chosen to inhabit this fragile clay jar.  And what better proof could I ask for that his confirming presence in my life?

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