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The Doctrinal Series

This page will ultimately bring together all of the posts on the major Christian doctrines that I have covered so far. This is an ongoing project that will periodically be updated as long as I am able to continue this project. If you have suggestions for doctrines I have not covered yet, feel free to make a suggestion in the comment box below.

  • The Doctrine of the Bible - From the human perspective, the Bible is a diverse collection of literature written over a long period of time. From a divine perspective, it is the authoritative guide to faith and practice.
  • The Doctrine of the Nature of God - What is the nature of God? This post is a quick look at the attributes of God, the Trinity, his will, and some commonly raised questions.
  • The Doctrine of the Work of God - What is the work of God? It involves creation of the cosmos as well as providence, the sustaining and governance of his creation.
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity - The Trinity is a uniquely Christian doctrine, teaching that there is only one God, but in three persons having one essence.
  • The Doctrine of the Nature of Jesus Christ - The nature of Jesus . . . He is the second person of the Trinity. And he is both fully God and fully man, perfectly united into one person.
  • The Doctrine of the Work of Jesus Christ - The primary work of Jesus is offering himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Jesus' atonement for us is essential for our salvation.
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Trinity, brings conviction of sin, enables life as a believer, and equips for service in the Kingdom.
  • The Doctrine of Humanity - Who are we as humans? Where did we come from? Why are we here? The doctrine of humanity provides answers to those questions.
  • The Doctrine of Sin - The doctrine of sin is one of the foundational truths of the Christian faith. It describes an aspect of our nature that is opposed to God.
  • The Doctrine of Salvation - The doctrine of salvation encompasses our initial salvation experience, our ongoing walk with Christ, and our final deliverance.
  • The Doctrine of the Church - What is the church? What is it's purpose? Questions about government, baptism and Lord's Supper. These are topics addressed by the doctrine of the church.
  • The Doctrine of Last Things - The doctrine of last things includes the global events preceding Christ's return, as well as the more personal aspects; what happens to me in the end.
  • The Doctrine of Predestination? - The doctrine of predestination is hotly debated. But it is not really that complicated. It simply refers to what God has decided beforehand.
  • The Doctrine of the Kingdom of God - What is the Kingdom of God that is spoken of so much in the New Testament. It is the spiritual rule of God in the life of believers.
  • The Doctrine of Election: Who Are the Elect? - The doctrine of election is confusing and lies at the heart of many theological disputes. It simply refers to God's choosing of his people.
  • The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God - God is sovereign, and has a plan and purpose for his creation that will be accomplished. But his plan takes into account his foreknowledge of our choices.

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