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I Believe in God. And It Makes a Difference!

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I believe God exists

God! A simple three-letter word that means so much and is used in so many different ways. To some, it is just a word used when swearing. For others, it is a general word used to describe all forms of deities. To some, it is the name of a non-existent mythical being. And to others of us who believe, it is a title we use for our heavenly Father, the creator of the universe.

I believe that God is real and that he has a purpose for his creation and for me. Can I prove that to you? No, I can’t. But I can demonstrate that belief in God is reasonable, more so than any of the alternatives. While I cannot prove to you that God exists, I am convinced in my own mind that he does, and that belief is an integral part of who I am and how I live my life here.

I believe that everyone has an opinion, or belief, concerning God. Those beliefs range from active disbelief (militant atheism), through indifference (more passive atheism and agnosticism), to passive belief (folks for whom that belief makes no practical difference), and on to active belief. Active belief is where one’s belief in God makes a practical difference in their everyday life. I am different specifically because of what I believe about him.

I Believe That . . .

  • God exists
  • He is the creator of all that is in this universe, including the laws that regulate it
  • He has a purpose for his creation
  • The creation bears faithful testimony to its creator. And that the creation is knowable.
  • He does not micromanage his creation, allowing it to function according to the physical laws he put into place
  • He knows me and has a future for me
  • His desire is for me to know him in a personal way
  • He is not overly interested in me being healthy, wealthy, or wise in this lifetime, but rather is using the events of this life to prepare me for a future life.
  • He is not like me in any appreciable way, and the terms I can use to describe him are totally inadequate and often misleading.
  • He is not obligated to me in any way but has provided me with a way to be a part of what he is doing.

And Because of That I . . .

  • Actively seek to know him better, spending time with him
  • Try to live, not to gratify today’s desires, for in preparation for the future he has for me
  • Live in awe of his creative power and the universe he has put together.
  • Am convicted of the need to share the good news with others who live without it

What do you believe about God? And what difference does it make in your daily life?

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